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Food Justice: Watch what you eat

Anti-GMO protest at Gates Foundation
Tom Paulson

On this week’s podcast, East Coast correspondent Tom Murphy joins Tom Paulson and I in the studio to discuss the headlines! Too many Toms…

Paulson reflects on his interview with the outgoing head of the Gates Foundation, then sounds a note of caution about shifting the focus of global health onto chronic disease. Murphy looks behind the data of a headline-making study about rape in South Asia.

Then we speak with Heather Day from the Community Alliance for Global Justice’s Agra Watch. Her group is perhaps the leading watchdog organization dedicated to scrutinizing the Gates Foundation’s efforts to improve agriculture in Africa, led by a coalition of groups known as the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa.

humanosphere_podcastlogo Day explains what food justice is (hint: it’s making sure everyone is treated fairly in the food supply chain, from farmers to restaurant workers), the downsides of “free trade” and the Green Revolution, and why she thinks agro-ecology is a better solution to poverty than industrial agriculture and genetically-modified foods.

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