Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

World Politics
India blocks foreign funding for health group backed by Gates Foundation

In its latest bid to crack down on foreign funding of civil society, the Indian government has revoked the license of one of the country’s largest public health organizations to accept foreign contributions. Largely funded by the government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Delhi-based Public Health Foundation of India is a public-private partnership launched by the government in 2006.

Human Rights
Helping kids be kids could break longstanding cycles of violence

A number of studies show violence and conflict passes down to the next generation, and youth growing up in this environment have a difficult road ahead. Mercy Corps, however, believes that youth who when given safe spaces to learn, grow and socialize, can help solve the problems of generations of violence, poverty and instability in a country.

Global Health
A milestone achieved in the battle to eradicate malaria

Nearly a decade ago, Bill and Melinda Gates stunned, and in some quarters irritated, the global health community by calling for the eradication of malaria, one of the world’s biggest killers. But last week, preliminary findings from a huge project under way in a section of central Africa known as the Sahel show a bold new strategy that might just nudge malaria eradication a bit closer toward reality.