A reader responds: Why Humanosphere’s hibernation matters

On 1st July, Humanosphere is taking a break – possibly never to return. Since 2010, they have been reporting daily on global health, aid and development issues for both mainstream and ‘insider’ audiences. Humanosphere’s hibernation matters because they are one of a desperately small number of news organizations regularly producing original, informed coverage of these important international topics.

World Politics
Funding fails to keep pace with record number of people in need of aid

Humanitarian needs are growing worldwide and international donors are not keeping up. So far, only one-quarter of the money requested for 2017 is available to respond to crises ranging from Syrian refugees to the more than 20 million people at risk of famine. More money is needed due to deteriorating conditions in conflict regions and the recent rapid growth of violence in the Kasai province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Does $40 billion leave Africa each year? It’s complicated

A new headline-grabbing report shows that despite all of the aid money, remittances sent home from expats and loans sent to Africa, $40 billion more is actually leaving the continent in the form of debt payments, tax avoidance and resource extraction. But some question the figures, and argue that the report doesn’t tell the whole story.

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