Human Rights
Multiple barriers keep 1.5 million Tanzanian kids out of secondary school

Despite improving access to primary education, children in Tanzania often do not continue on to secondary schools. Barriers including lack of rural schools, pressure to work and high-stakes exams prevent more than half of Tanzanian youth from enrolling in secondary school. Limited alternative options leave millions of young people at a lifelong disadvantage, according to Human Rights Watch.

Global Health
Want to reduce teen pregnancy? Talk about HIV

In developing countries, teenage girls have the best chance of succeeding later in life if they avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Both directly impact the health of girls and force them out of school. A new working paper from Cameroon shows evidence that simply talking about HIV can reduce teen pregnancy.

U.N. says goodbye to its failed, fake ambassador: Wonder Woman

The controversial two-month tenure for Wonder Woman as a U.N. ambassador ends today. Wonder Woman was appointed honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls in late October. The announcement came on the heels of the failed effort to elect the first woman secretary-general. Portuguese diplomat and former U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres led the polls from start to finish.

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