Global Burden of Disease

Data show indoor air pollution a major killer of kids

In India, more than 100,000 children died as a result of household air pollution that same year. Burning solid fuels such as wood and dung for cooking is a leading risk factor for lower respiratory infections. Lower respiratory infections include deaths caused by influenza, haemophilus influenzae type B, pneumonia, respiratory syncytial virus, and other respiratory infections. A detailed breakdown of deaths caused by these different viruses and bacteria can be found in the published Global Burden of Disease studies.

Call for global health geeks to join forces with human rights activists

More than 500 public health experts, policy makers and academics from 50 different countries have gathered in Seattle this week to dig deeper into what one of the leaders in the field characterized as having done for global health what the Human Genome Science project has done for biomedical science and medicine. The Global Burden of Disease study – the new Global Burden of Disease Study – a massive worldwide assessment of what’s killing, injuring and disabling people around the planet. The GBD was created by some 500 researchers in 187 countries looking through hundreds of millions of reports on nearly 300 causes of death and disability.

Vizualize Malnutrition

Online data visualization tools created as part of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s Global Burden of Disease Study can be used to better understand why malnutrition is such a major health threat globally

Scientists identify China’s mysteriously massive cancer burden

A new study of health trends in China finds, perhaps unsurprisingly, that rapid economic development over the past few decades has been accompanied by a decline in ‘diseases of poverty’ like malaria and child malnutrition but a rise in the diseases of the rich world like heart disease and obesity.One surprising – and not completely understood or explained – finding out of the study is that China appears to be the undisputed world leader for certain cancers: Liver, stomach and esophageal.

Ten disease burden stories from around the globe

Bill Gates and the researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation emphasized that the Global Burden of Disease study, while it did focus on death and disease, also showed major improvements in many countries – especially with respect to child mortality and certain infectious diseases

Visualize Global Health

It’s a new dawn for global health data borne of necessity, mind-numbing numbers, Netflix and a desire to avoid insanity. Peter Speyer, head of data development at Seattle’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, explained why he and his colleagues are transforming a massive collection of health data known as the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) into a stunning collection of powerful online and interactive visual tools.

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