India’s coal plans could ‘single-handedly jeopardize’ Paris Agreement

As President Donald Trump decides in the next few weeks if he will pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement, India and China have said the world can look to them to uphold the pact. Although India has been making impressive strides to cut pollution and increase solar capacity in particular, a recent study says the country’s coal plans could “single-handedly jeopardize” the Paris Agreement.

World Politics
India blocks foreign funding for health group backed by Gates Foundation

In its latest bid to crack down on foreign funding of civil society, the Indian government has revoked the license of one of the country’s largest public health organizations to accept foreign contributions. Largely funded by the government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Delhi-based Public Health Foundation of India is a public-private partnership launched by the government in 2006.

Social Business
By Bridging the gap in India between the poor and better jobs

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated his party’s state election victories last month by describing his vision for a “new India” – one that “stands for development” by giving the poor a “leg-up, not a handout.” Offering a boost is India’s largest online job portal for entry-level and informal work, Babajob, which connects even illiterate low-skill workers to employers through digital technology.

Global Health
Lychee pinned to seasonal deaths of malnourished children in India

Reports are calling it a “deadly fruit,” as investigators recently discovered lychee is behind the mysterious outbreak that has taken hundreds of children’s lives every year in Muzaffarpur, India. The discovery, published Tuesday in the Lancet Global Health journal, is a celebration of scientific collaboration and quality sleuthing. However, others say what comes next could have an even greater global impact.

India says it’s time to seriously consider universal basic income

In a world of rising inequality and automation, the idea of a universal basic income is gaining momentum, from the most developed countries to some of the poorest. Finland made headlines when it launched a trial at the start of the year, and France’s left-wing presidential contender Benoît Hamon included it in his platform. Now, India’s chief economic adviser says it’s time for “serious public deliberation.”

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