Study: Climate change will perpetuate U.S. inequality

Unmitigated climate change will make much of the United States poorer and generally exacerbate rising wealth inequalities, according to a new study. For every one degree Celsius rise in global temperatures, the study projects that the country will lose about 1.2 percent of its Gross Domestic Product. The economic impact of climate change will not be uniform, say the researchers in this week’s Science magazine, with a few regions possibly experiencing gains.

Report says basic income may not reduce poverty, advocates firmly disagree

As the global economy stares down the barrel of rising inequality and increased automation, more countries are toying with the idea of a universal basic income. But a new report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is less than enthusiastic, saying that without significant tax hikes, a basic income would do little to reduce poverty and even exacerbate it in some cases.

Inequality and philanthropy: Author of ‘The Givers’ explains how they can fuel each other

American philanthropy has been undergoing a major resurgence in the last few decades, leading some to dub this a ‘golden age’ for giving. At the same time, wealth concentration and inequality, the gap between rich and poor, has been on the increase. Author of a new book called The Givers, David Callahan, explains why these two trends are fueling each other and what needs to change to avoid oligarchy.

Gates Foundation’s rose-colored world view not supported by evidence

The annual public letter from Bill and Melinda Gates has become a much-celebrated event in the global development calendar. But the self-described ‘impatient optimists’ paint a picture that is so selective in its use of facts that it amounts to little more than propaganda for a failing industry, and indeed a failing ideology. The 2017 letter is especially striking for just how out-of-sync it feels with the current zeitgeist.

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