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Battle for Mosul puts 100,000 children at risk, aid groups can’t keep up

The months-long surge of Iraqi forces to retake Mosul continues to force people to flee the city and leaves 100,000 children trapped in the city in “extremely dangerous conditions,” warns UNICEF. Aid organizations are being overwhelmed by both the challenge of trying to reach suffering people within Mosul and providing basic needs to half the city’s population who has fled to outside refugee camps.

More than 10,000 flee as battle for Mosul advances

More than 10,000 people fled western Mosul in the past week as Iraqi military forces continue their effort to recapture the city from the Islamic State, according to the International Organization for Migration. More are trying to leave. Another 6,000 people are waiting to pass through checkpoints to leave and as many as 4,000 are internally displaced.

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