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Are ‘clean’ solid-fuel cookstoves the solution or part of the problem?

Cooking over an open fire or with traditional cookstoves are common practices worldwide that some experts say kill millions of people every year, through indoor air pollution, and cause massive environmental impacts from natural resource depletion to climate change. This has led to an international movement to build a better, cleaner cookstove, that some say is as much contributing to the problem as it is trying to solve it.

Seattle journalist in Kenya deals with gut punch of mall shootings

At its best, Nairobi is a diverse, cultured city boasting all of the promise of the ‘Africa Rising’ narrative. It has leading modern artists, innovations that are altering the face of technology and development, and a growing educated middle class that is interested and excited to invest in their country.

At its worst, Nairobi is racist and divisive, populated by a diverse cross-cut of the world’s population who live parallel lives, existing within minutes of each other and yet never touching. It grapples perpetually with insecurity and violence, a threat that hits home too often for those of us who live here.