U.N. re-ups historic famine warning as funding stagnates

The U.N. again warned that as many as 20 million people are at risk of famine in Nigeria, Yemen, South Sudan and Somalia. Warnings in February were not enough to raise the money needed to prevent a global hunger crisis. So, new attempts are being made to convince donor countries to do more.

Drought crisis in East Africa: ‘When the animals die, people do too’

Hussein Dirie stands alone in a village he has known and lived in all his life. Outside of Somaliland’s bustling towns and cities, a pastoralist’s life is destroyed by a drought more unrelenting than he has ever known. Across Somalia and Somaliland, the U.N. estimates that 6 million people are in need of help. The drought is more severe and more extreme than any drought on record, and, so far, it shows no sign of ending while the U.N.’s Somalia appeal remains half-funded.

World Politics
Trump turns back on Somali refugees fleeing terrorism and famine

A revived and revised travel ban issued by the Trump administration on Monday temporarily suspended refugee resettlement and visa processing for people from six countries. It also halves the number of refugees resettled for the fiscal year to 50,000. The order significantly affects Somalia where instability has created roughly 1 million refugees over the past three decades.

Human Rights
Human rights deteriorating as authoritarianism rises in Eastern Africa, report says

Conflict in the Horn of Africa and Great Lakes Region, along with increasingly authoritarian behavior by governments, has caused a rapid decline in human rights in countries across the region, a new report says. While authoritarianism appears on the rise in parts of the Western world as well, Amnesty International says this trend in Eastern Africa is particularly worrying.

Global Health
Famine threatens the lives of 1.4 million children, U.N. warns

As many as 1.4 million children in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen are at risk of dying from famine, according to UNICEF. U.N. agencies are appealing for emergency support to help tens of millions of people suffering from hunger across the four countries, before they descend into famine. Famine was declared in parts of South Sudan on Monday. Formally invoking the world famine for the northern-central part of the country means that hunger is starting to kill people and will continue if nothing is done.

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