Feed the World: Bugs

Jokes naturally followed the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation’s new report extolling the virtues of eating bugs. The most popular…

Syria’s Children: A Lost Generation?

The crisis in Syria today compares to massive historic tragedies, Iraq in 1991 and Rwanda, 1994, in terms of the number of people displaced. An additional 2 million Syrians are internally displaced. With as many as 8,000 people leaving Syria every day the UN is concerned that the number of refugees may triple by the end of the year

Rohingya Refugee Postscript: Video

This short report from Al Jazeera provides further information about the ethnic conflict that has lead to the displacement of the Rohingya and how the refugees are living in tents and rely upon food aid.

Global map of refugees

From The Guardian: An interactive map showing the latest refugee statistics from the UN on where refugees come from, where…

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