Potcast: The global implications of Washington state legalizing marijuana

Since Washington and Colorado voters approved the legal use of marijuana for recreational purposes, many are predicting other states will follow suit. The sober goal of this anticipated movement is to move away from the law enforcement approach to combating substance abuse through the public health strategy of ‘harm reduction’ – including reducing the harm of putting many people in prison for just using pot.

World Politics
How the Evergreen state helped Uruguay legalize marijuana

Earlier this week, politicians in Uruguay voted to make the South American nation the first in the world to legalize marijuana aimed at regulating the use of pot and disrupting the criminal drug trade. But they might not have had it not been for a little help from Washington state, in the form of Seattle attorney Alison Holcomb.

Seattle’s pro-pot efforts reverberate worldwide

Now, with the states of Washington and Colorado directly challenging the U.S. government on its aggressive prohibition stance that legally defines marijuana as akin to cocaine or heroin, many nations – especially in Latin America – are emboldened to challenge it as well.