women’s rights

The fight to end female circumcision in rural Kenya

For this Humanosphere podcast, we explore one community’s battle to end the practice of female genital mutilation, also known as female circumcision. Our Nairobi-based correspondent Charlie Ensor talks to Samuel Leadismo, founder of an organization known as the Pastoralist Child Foundation, in Samburu County, where female genital mutilation is thought to still be done on nearly all girls shortly before they reach puberty.

Controversy continues hours before Women’s March on Washington

Less than 24 hours before the Women’s March on Washington, demonstrators are still muddled in controversy over whether the event is as inclusive as it claims to be. As the march has grown in prominence, it has strived to include a multitude of causes affecting marginalized groups. The event’s policy platform covers issues such as racial profiling, abortion, LGBTQ rights and the environment.

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