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World Bank launches insurance scheme to fund pandemic responses

The World Bank has launched a global insurance fund aimed aimed at speeding up the international community’s response to pandemic disease outbreaks. The impetus for the innovative financial scheme was the 2013-2016 West Ebola outbreak that, due in part to the global community’s slow response, killed more than 11,000 people and ended up costing more than $10 billion to put down.

Rise in poverty rate in Paraguay shows farmers hit hardest

Paraguay had been making progress against poverty over the years, but the government has reported a recent rise in poverty that some say stems from an inadequate focus on agricultural communities. Despite the country’s overall economic growth last year, the total poverty rate rose from 26.6 to 28.8 percent.

The end of the new age of humanitarianism: Insights from the Skoll World Forum

The world is in crisis, a loss of confidence in institutions or humanitarian values once thought widely shared that has confused those who want to emphasize global progress against poverty and inequity. As one of the thousand or so attendees at the Skoll World Forum in lovely old Oxford last week, I went as a journalist hoping to gain some reassurance that the emphasis on progress was justified – that there was consensus on the cause of this turmoil, and on the best strategies for moving forward out of crisis.

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