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Davos elite no longer consider Gaddafi’s son a model young leader.

At first glance, I thought this must be a spoof from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show or The Onion.

But no, it appears to be a real press release from the World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders” program.

After the son of the Libyan dictator threatened “rivers of blood” if the popular protests continued, the WEF announced “Saif Al Gaddafi suspended from the Forum of Young Global Leaders.”

That’ll teach him!

The WEF press release says:

Saif Al Gaddafi was appointed as a Young Global Leader at a time when it appeared that he represented the potential for a future Libyan government that was more progressive, more concerned for human rights and more open to the possibilities of political reform…. After the events of the last days in Libya and his direct intervention, it is clear that potential has not been fulfilled and that it is impossible for him to continue as a member of our community.

Comments on the website for the WEF (which showed a broad-based cluelessness to the events in Egypt during its recent confab in Davos) incude:

You must have been cynical morons to have elected him to such a circle in the first place. Shame on you! — Holger Ehling

This move (too little, too late) tells us everything we need to know about the so-called “Young Global Leaders” forum. Saif Al Gadaffi, his father, and their family represent a dark unseemly past; they have consistently attempted to brutally enforce the status quo; and lest we forget they have even resorted to random terrorist attacks targeting innocent civilians.

You should apologize for having welcomed him in the first place — rather than belatedly hopping on a long-traveling bandwagon of public dissent with regard to this “leadership.” — Ian Andrew Bell


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