10 myths about foreign aid, two views

Tom Murphy at A View from the Cave adds his five myths about foreign aid to the Center for American Progress’ John Norris‘ five myths on same, as published earlier in the Washington Post.

Read Murphy’s blog post and Norris’ op-ed at the Washington Post for their rationales.

Here’s all ten, with Norris offering the first five and Murphy providing the second five:

  1. Republicans hate foreign aid
  2. Foreign aid is a budget buster
  3. We provide aid to countries to get them to do what we tell them to do
  4. Foreign governments waste the aid we give them
  5. No one ever really gets weaned off foreign aid
  6. Overhead costs tell you how well an organization is doing
  7. Aid has been a resounding success/failure
  8. Good intentions justify bad aid
  9. The poor can’t help themselves
  10. People in the field/academia just don’t understand

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